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The Public Education and Outreach Team is a group who provide information on disaster preparedness for community organizations and at public eventsThis team brings together those with subject matter expertise on natural and human-caused hazards, as well as disaster mitigation, response and preparedness. Members have a strong interest and skill in sharing this knowledge with the community. 


The Public Education and Outreach Team provided will help community members grow in their resiliency to the impact of disasters and diminish the number of deaths, injuries, and loss of property when disaster strikes. 


Training for Public Education and Outreach Team members may include: 

  • Basic CERT training 
  • Kitsap Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM) led presentation workshops 
  • Workshops sponsored by other government agencies or disaster response organizations 

To join the Public Education and Outreach Team, you will need to become a registered volunteer emergency worker with KCDEM.

Public Education and Outreach Events

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