• Partnerships with KCDEM

The Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM) does outreach and education for the general public. Subject matter experts may be available for speaking engagements and presentations. Topics include: 

  • Basics of preparedness 
  • Gathering supplies 
  • Preparing your home  
  • Working together as a neighborhood  
  • Earthquake, tsunami and winter storm preparedness

Interested in other emergency or disaster preparedness topics? Please email KCDEM. 

How do I schedule a speaker or information table at my event?
To request a speaker, send an email to KCDEM.

 We will evaluate speaking requests based on speaker availability, the forum, and subject matter. The audience must have at least 10 people. Please submit requests at least 30 days but no more than 3 months before your event to allow enough time for preparation. 

How Much Will It Cost?
There is no charge. But, we limit KCDEM speakers to Kitsap County communities. For other areas, please contact the county emergency management office near you. 

Is My Event Appropriate?
KCDEM staff can speak to  

  • Classrooms 
  • Non-profit professional 
  • Business groups 
  • Civic groups 

We do not speak at:  

  • Political organizations 
  • Political gatherings 
  • Fundraising events

KCDEM speakers do not accept gifts, honoraria or compensation.

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