Community Points of Distribution

Community Points of Distribution (CPOD) are places for volunteers to gather and supplies to be distributed after a disaster happens.  Why have these? A major earthquake will damage transportation corridors and reduce access to basic commodities. Limited life-sustaining emergency relief supplies may be at CPODs for emergency workers to distribute as they become available.   CPODs are not intended as a substitute for disaster preparedness.  

CPOD sites can also operate as a hub and spoke model distribution system to move supplies to and from areas.  

The Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM) is in the early stages of identifying sites and securing use agreements.  


A major earthquake is a high risk hazard in Kitsap County. State and federal agencies have determined that Kitsap County will “break” into approximately 25 or more standalone areas or “micro-islands” after a major earthquake. People in each micro-island will find themselves unable to move beyond their island boundaries by vehicle.  Isolation could be for an unknown period of time.  So, residents will need to rely on the supplies in their micro-island. KCDEM will set up CPODs so that each micro-island will have supplies and equipment for local residents. 

In the event of a major earthquake, plans are underway to also activate the disaster logistics supply team and more. These programs will help move supplies from larger CPOD sites to other areas based on need. There are also plans to identify key staff and registered volunteer emergency workers near CPOD locations. If needed, CPODs could be a base of operations. 

Micro-Islands in Kitsap County

Micro-islands are areas that may be isolated after a major earthquake. Why? Roads, bridges, and other infrastructure are expected to be too damaged [...]

CPOD Events

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