• Dam Failures
Dam failure can result in loss of life and damage to property including structures, roads, utilities, and crops. Depending on location, dam failures can also result in lack of power. Kitsap County currently has twenty-four dams in operation. Based on the 2019 assessment of Kitsap County, dam failures are rated a low risk threat.

What are the causes of dam failures?

  • Flooding, earthquakes 
  • Poor construction
  • Lack of maintenance and repair
  • Incorrect operational activities, or 
  • Acts of vandalism or terrorism.

What is KCDEM doing to address potential dam failures?

The Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM) works with local water districts to house plans for dam failures and response.  Plans for dam maintenance and emergencies are developed and maintained by dam owners and approved by Washington State’s Department of Ecology. In the event of a dam failure, KCDEM will establish an Emergency Operations Center and issue an alert through the Community Warning System.

Dam Locations in Kitsap County, Washington

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