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moderate risklocal impactBy having naval facilities with nuclear vessels in the area, Kitsap County has a heightened risk for a potential act of terrorism.  Based on the 2019 assessment of Kitsap County, terrorism is rated a moderate risk threat.

Acts of terrorism include:

  • threats of terrorism
  • assassinations
  • kidnappings
  • hijackings
  • bomb scares and bombings
  • cyber attacks
  • use of chemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological weapons

High-risk targets for acts of terrorism include:

  • military and civilian government facilities
  • airports
  • large cities
  • high-profile landmarks

What is KCDEM doing to address terrorism?

bigfootKCDEM, in cooperation with the U.S. Navy, plans to put in place a community-wide first responder and citizens program. Activities include:

  • prevention
  • property protection
  • public education and awareness
  • emergency services
  • structural project activities

Why Volunteer?

A survey was recently sent to our volunteers asking them why they find it rewarding to donate their time. Some of their comments are below. "To help my community." "My community is important to me." [...]

Mass Casualty Training and Drill

Kitsap County is at risk of catastrophic events that result in our police, fire and medical services being overwhelmed. In these cases, trained volunteers can be assigned missions by the Kitsap County Department of Emergency [...]

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