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Any of the threats and hazards that happen in Kitsap County can happen to the children in our community. Kids know what to do in case of a fire and know that they shouldn’t talk to strangers. But do they know what to do if an earthquake or other major event happens? Maybe not. 

That’s why it is important that adults talk to kids about local emergencies. Involve kids in making an emergency plan and practice what to do with their families, childcare providers, and teachers.  Kids should also know what to do if they find themselves alone when an emergency happens.

Key Considerations

It’s important that adults share emergency information that is age-appropriate.  Below are some recommendations and trusted sources to prepare kids for emergencies.  Use this information as a starting point for your child’s situation:

Make a plan together

At the very least, kids should know who to contact in case of emergency and where to meet family after an emergency. If your child has a smartphone, pre-program their information into the phone. If not, make sure the information is written down. Practice your plan with your kids regularly.  When your situation changes, make a new plan and practice again. For more, visit Ready.Gov.

Involve kids in building emergency kits

Children will need the same supplies as adults. But, also include written contact and a medical history in case you become separated. Medicines and functional equipment that your child may need should also be there. Put at least one comfort item, such as a familiar toy, in the kit to help your child in new, scary situations. To learn more, visit Ready.Gov.

Help kids cope during and after an emergency

The uncertainty that happens during and after a major event can be hard on children. Adults should try to limit a child’s exposure to images of disaster, actively listen to your child, and provide needed reassurance.  For more, review 10 Tips for Helping Children Cope with Disaster (source: Save the Children.)

Local Help

Kitsap County uses Functional Assessment Service Teams to help those with access and functional needs during emergency incidents. This includes children with special needs.  Check with the Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM) for details


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