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Weather in the Pacific Northwest is generally mild. But, Kitsap County is still subject to extreme hot and cold weather. This means residents may face heat waves or freezing nights. The Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM), in partnership with other agencies and non-profits, provides some options for shelter. KCDEM manages registered volunteer emergency workers for these programs.

Cooling Centers

When are cooling centers open?
KCDEM is developing procedures for opening cooling centers during heat waves. KCDEM offers cooling centers when:

Opening a cooling center depends on staffing for the duration of its opening. KCDEM will announce cooling center openings here and via KCDEM social media channels.

Who can use cooling stations?
Cooling Stations are available for those who need them.  Check each station for accessibility beforehand. Currently, cooling stations cannot accommodate pets or companion animals. KCDEM allows service animals. Please note, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, companion animals are not considered to be service animals

KCDEM recognizes the gap in service and is working on plans to accommodate pets and companion animals in certain situations.  There are no plans to accommodate exotic animals.

Severe Weather Shelters

Severe Weather Shelters
Shelters serve Kitsap County residents during extreme cold weather. Find the criteria for opening and using severe weather shelters here. KCDEM works with Kitsap County Health and Human Services to staff workers.   

Who can use Severe Weather Shelters?
Severe Weather Shelters provide overnight beds for people in need. Shelters operate during severe weather events between November 1 and March 31 in Kitsap County.  Shelters are available for single adults, parents with children, families, and teens. 

How to Volunteer 

Interested in helping those who may need aid during extreme weather? You must become a registered volunteer emergency worker with KCDEM.

Limitations: Participants in Severe Weather Shelter program contribute only if: 

  • Personal safety, family safety, and personal property concerns are handled first. 
  • Enrollment with KCDEM happens prior to a mission. 
  • Advanced training in and understanding of their program happens beforehand. 
  • A mission number is assigned. 

Other Ways to Help
Have an accessible building with air conditioning, fresh water, and restroom facilities? Contact KCDEM to discuss how you can become a community partner. We are especially interested in new partners in South Kitsap and those near public transit. Email KCDEM.

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