At this time of the year, the combination of abnormally high tides, heavy rain, and the gravitational pull between the Earth and the moon can cause a phenomenon known as King Tides. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts possible higher ‘King Tide’ levels on certain days between November and February in Kitsap. This increases the risk for coastal flooding in Kitsap County.

A King Tide is colloquially used to describe an extremely high tide. Ordinary tides are caused by the gravitational pull between the Earth and the moon; King Tides happen when astronomical events amplify that pull. Learn more about King Tides at the Washington King Tide Program webpage.

To get ready for potential flooding, shoreline property owners can find actionable preparation tips on the flood hazard page on this website.  You’ll find steps you can take beforehand, what to do during a flooding incident, and what to do after the flood water subsides can also be found.

Those living in areas flooding are urged to check into flood insurance coverage, gather emergency supplies, and sign-up for KitsapALERT emergency notifications.

The NOAA predicts possible flooding from ‘King Tides’ on these dates this winter:

  • November 28 through December 2
  • December 13 through December 19
  • December 26 through December 30
  • January 11 through January 18
  • January 24

The height of the tides is impacted by current weather conditions with low atmosphic pressure increasing the actual peak height. Residents are encouraged to stay informed of weather forecasts from the National Weather Service for all adverse weather conditions, including  days in which King Tides are predicted.