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The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) trains people how to take prepare to take care of themselves during emergencies. Topics include:  

  • fire safety 
  • light search and rescue 
  • team organization, and 
  • disaster medical operations 

Professional responders can rely on CERT members because of their training. This allows responders to focus on more complex tasks in an emergency.


The purpose of CERT is to: 

  • Train people how to prepare to take care of themselves during emergencies.  
  • Train Kitsap County residents to assist their neighbors during emergencies 
  • Perform projects that improve the community’s preparedness and safety 
  • Be a resource and volunteer pool during major emergencies 


Participants should contribute only if: 

  • Personal safety, family safety, and personal property concerns are addressed. 
  • Be a registered emergency worker with the Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM) before an event.
  • Advanced training in and understanding of your program happens beforehand. 
  • CERT members maintain valid contact information with KCDEM. This includes email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses.  
  • Different CERT Levels have their own limits.  

Training, Classes & Exercises

In-person training is on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Check back for future training options or email KCDEM.

CERT training is a series of classes, taught by qualified professionals. These classes offer Kitsap residents real, hands-on training in skills. Members can apply these skills in their homes and neighborhoods. We train in a comfortable learning environment, and with a focus on personal safety. Areas of training include: 

  • Basic Disaster Preparation 
  • Fire Suppression Techniques 
  • Disaster Medical Operations 
  • Light Search and Rescue Operations 
  • Team Organization and the Incident Command System 
  • Disaster Psychology 
  • Terrorism Incidents 

 Classes are generally 2.5 hours in length. At the end, members take part in a full scale disaster drill where they have the opportunity to use all the skills covered by the courses. Drills are at the KCDEM offices or other appropriate locations. 

CERT Exercise

Requirements for Active Members

To remain active, members should attend at least one refresher training during the calendar year. And, also participate in at least one refresher drill/exercise in that same calendar year. The drill or exercise can be local or not. Depending on the case, exceptions may be granted. 

CERT members should take part in training and meetings throughout the year. You can ask to be removed from any level of membership at any time.  For more details on CERT membership levels, please contact KCDEM.

CERT members must register to become registered volunteer emergency workers

FEMA Training

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers free, online courses about the Incident Command System (ICS) and more.  Once completed, please send an electronic copy of your certificate to KCDEM so we can place it in your training file. Courses may count as credit towards maintaining membership levels and active status. 

Before you can take any FEMA online course, you must apply for a free FEMA Student ID number. You can do that here. 

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