• Search & Rescue

Kitsap County has many recreational areas that attract hunters, hikers, fishermen, and more. These people may find themselves lost or in trouble. Brush picking and mushroom picking also bring possibilities for search and rescue missions. Due to the terrain and vast rural recreation areas in Kitsap County, the possibility exists for hikers and campers to become lost. Injury or death can happen if they are not found within a reasonable amount of time. Small children and the elderly often wander off and need search operations. Based on a recent assessment of Kitsap County, search and rescue operations are rated a low risk threat.

What is KCDEM doing to assist search & rescue operations?

Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM) works with the Kitsap Sheriff’s Office to ensure the success of local search and rescue operations. When an operation happens, KCDEM will run the Emergency Operations Center as needed, and put out the call for volunteers to aid in a search.

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