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The Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM) runs programs that help with local disasters and emergency response  in Kitsap County.  KCDEM directs many of the programs that use registered volunteers. The  Community Emergency Response Team is one example.  In other programs, KCDEM manages volunteers and the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office assigns tasks.  Search and rescue is an example of this type of program. KCDEM will manage other programs with county and regional partners or with other government agencies as needed. Note the differences for each program on its page. 

Mission: Like other counties, Kitsap County faces many different types of emergencies.  Volunteers expand how the county responds to emergencies and works to return things to normal. 

Requirements: Qualifications for participating in each program are in the program details.  Visit each page to learn more about particular requirements.  If you would like to get started, visit the volunteers page.

Limitations: Programs offer a chance to expand personal skills, gain experience, and assist residents.  Participation in these programs is not a substitute for professionals in emergency roles. Nor are these a substitute for county leadership during emergencies.  Participants should contribute only if: 

  • Personal safety, family safety, and personal property concerns come first. 
  • Enrollment in KCDEM programs happens before a mission.  
  • Training in and understanding of the program happens in advance. 
  • There is a mission number. 

Training, Classes & Exercises: KCDEM offers training and course opportunities with select programs. KCDEM also runs cross-program exercises.  An exercise is an activity which simulates a disaster or emergency so that participants have opportunity to practice their responses. For example, the Cascadia Rising 2022 regional exercise deals with a catastrophic earthquake.  This exercise will address all aspects of how programs work together.   

Training and courses are on each program page and on the KCDEM calendar.

Volunteer Today!Volunteer Programs
Registered volunteer emergency worker programs include:  

Other Programs
Other programs run by KCDEM include:

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