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Flooding is the most common hazard occurring in Kitsap County. Approximately 10-15% of the county is within a flood zone. Kitsap County businesses and homes located in low-lying areas may flood. Why? Prolonged periods of rain saturate the ground and can cause high stream flows. Wind-driven tidal flooding is also possible along the inland waters. Based on a recent assessment of Kitsap County, floods are rated a moderate risk hazard.

What is KCDEM doing to address flooding?

KCDEM works with the Kitsap County Department of Public Works on flood emergencies. Plans include:

  • Hold an annual meeting to discuss local, state, and federal regulatory requirements.
  • Identify high-risk areas on Geographic Information System. Update local storm water system plans and improve storm water facilities in high-risk areas.
  • Secure replacement funding for culverts.
  • Review and create a floodplain program. 
  • Make the public aware of the risks of “convergence zone” flooding.  Convergence zones happen when low atmospheric pressure combines with severe weather. Tidal overflow and watershed backup results from convergence zone flooding.
Kitsap County Flood Data

FEMA flood risk zones for Kitsap County. Click map for larger view. (PDF)

Learn more about flooding in the 2019 Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF). Flooding information begins on page 114. You can also contact KCDEM  via email for details. 

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