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Volunteer Today!Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer! The programs offered by the Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM) would not be successful if it weren’t for our volunteers. 

To be a registered volunteer emergency worker, you must: 

  • Complete and sign the application to become a registered volunteer emergency worker. Potential Search and Rescue volunteers, please use this form (PDF) and return to: mmoen@kitsap.gov
  • Sign a photo release. (PDF) Photos are sometimes taken at events. We would like permission to use pictures of volunteers. 
  • Pass a background check. 
  • Submit a photo for KCDEM identification. A photo should be a passport type headshot photo, sent electronically. It should be free of sunglasses or a hat, and with a clear background.  Regular glasses are fine. 
  • Maintain current contact information, including email and phone number. 
  • Meet the particular requirements of the program you are volunteering for.  Visit each program page for details. 
  • Review and sign the code of conduct for volunteers. (PDF) Return with your application. 
  • Current volunteers need renew their status as a registered volunteer emergency worker every three years. (The expiration date is on your current ID badge.) To renew, please complete this form (PDF) and return to: mmoen@kitsap.gov

Documents can be mailed to: 

Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management
8900 Imperial Way SW, Bremerton, WA 98312
Attn: Volunteer Application 

Please note, when people register with KCDEM, they are also considered to be emergency workers with the State of Washington (WAC 118-04.) This gives volunteers certain coverage when volunteering with KCDEM.  Training and missions are typically within Kitsap County, though these could be in other areas.

What happens next?

  • Within 30 days, KCDEM will process the application. This includes verifying credentials and completing a background check.  Once your application is fully processed, KCDEM will print an ID badge and mail it to the volunteer. 
  • The registered volunteer emergency worker must complete any required training and/or credential. Each program tracks its training. 
  • Each volunteer emergency worker should review the KCDEM Volunteer Handbook. (PDF)
  • If an emergency happens, KCDEM will email qualified registered volunteer emergency workers. We will ask volunteers for their availability.  If there are time slots, KCDEM will let the registered volunteer emergency worker know. 
  • Volunteers should consider personal life safety and family safety first. Then, registered volunteer emergency workers will opt to accept a mission or decline.  If you decline, you may choose to volunteer at another time for another mission. 
  • KCDEM will confirm the registered volunteer emergency worker’s availability. Please note, KCDEM may manage a mission or it may be managed by a partner agency.  
  • Registered volunteer emergency workers will need to muster at their mission gathering spot. Bring your KCDEM badge and sign-in.  There, the team lead will brief you before you begin your tasks. 
  • Each program may have slight variations on this process.  Check with your program lead or the KCDEM Volunteer Coordinator via email or by phone (360) 307-5881.

Each emergency worker is an integral part of emergency preparedness for Kitsap County.  No matter what you volunteered to do at first, we may ask for your help in the event of a major emergency or disaster. Your availability and qualifications determine how or when we request your help. Thank you in advance. 

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