EMAT Members

Emergency Management Assistance Team (EMAT) members are individuals providing volunteer management functions. EMAT members come from a variety of backgrounds such as: 

  • Educators 

  • Engineers 

  • Technology specialists 

  • Retired executives

  • Business and civic leaders who have managed large groups of individuals

Active EMAT Members

  • Doug Blangsted

  • Joseph D. Cross-Graves

  • Tammy Green

  • Ken Hulet

  • Herbert Jewell

  • Tom Malley

  • Mick McKinley

  • Sarah Peterson

  • Kevin Ransier

  • Ashley Robinson

  • Michael Robinson


EMAT members support local Emergency Operations Centers during emergencies. 


EMAT members must become a registered volunteer emergency worker with KCDEM.  Other requirements may apply. 


Participants in EMAT contribute only if: 

  • They see to their own safety, family safety , and personal property concerns first. 
  • Enrollment with the Kitsap Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM) happens before a mission. 
  • Advanced understanding of their program happens first. 
  • They are assigned a mission number.  

Why Volunteer?

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EMAT Events

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