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May is Building Safety Month

May is Building Safety Month. One critical component of construction is making buildings stronger by using the latest scientific data. This minimizes the impact the impact of natural disasters like earthquakes. Taking steps to make our buildings stronger during initial construction, along with retrofit measures years later, is called Mitigation. Mitigation is one of the Four Phases of Emergency Management. The International Code Council notes that The National Institute of [...]

Prepare in a Year

prepare in a year: important documentsBefore a disaster happens, make copies of important documents for your go bag such as:

  • Birth, marriage, divorce, adoption, or child custody papers
  • Passport, driver’s license, Social Security card, green card, military service identification
  • Pet ownership paper, identification tags
  • Wills, power of attorney, estate papers
  • Insurance papers for home, renter’s, boat, vehicles
  • Health insurance
  • Take photos or videos of valuables as documentation for insurance claims

Learn more about how to get prepared for a disaster.

Wildfire Preparedness

Follow these tips to help prepare for wildfires:

  • Prepare for a wildfire by maintaining your lawn and removing combustible debris from around your home
  • Use fire resistant materials for construction, renovation, & landscaping to protect your property from a wildfire
  • Don’t use anything (i.e. lawn mowers) that may create sparks outside on dry, windy days
  • Clear area near your home or business of leaves, dead vegetation & other combustible debris to reduce sources of fuel
  • Create three zones of defensible space around your home or business.  Defensible space should be up to 200 feet from a structure.

Learn more about the threat of fires in Kitsap County.

Be Alert!

The Kitsap County Alert is an emergency notification system that helps you stay informed about the local hazards and threats that may impact you and your family. To register or update your information, click here. Sign ups are free!

Holiday Closures

KCDEM will be closed on:

  • Memorial Day, May 30, 2022

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