Community Preparedness

Emergency preparedness activities are not limited to individual households and businesses. Social service agencies, faith-based organizations, and volunteer groups also play an important role. Groups share needed information and resources with local community members. These groups can also be vital to volunteer efforts during and after an emergency. 

Key Considerations

Community groups often have reach with members of the population that others don’t.  The Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM) works with local groups to share preparedness information.

KCDEM also works with community organizations to expand local shelter efforts. When cooling stations were needed in the county, local groups were key.  Please email KCDEM if your community organization would like to help with future events.

Local Help

The Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management (KCDEM) will review the emergency preparedness plan of your organization if invited to do so.  Email us here

Kitsap County uses Functional Assessment Service Teams to help people with access and functional needs during emergencies.  Check with KCDEM for details.

Check with KCDEM for brochures and other material for use by your organization.  Email us here.


KCDEM holds public programs on emergency preparedness.  Visit our Speakers Bureau to schedule a presentation.  Also, KCDEM holds regular classes on topics of interest to the general public.  See our calendar for details


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