PORT ORCHARD, Wash. – The Kitsap County Fire Marshal, in conjunction with the Kitsap County Fire Chiefs’ Association, announced on July 3 that they will impose a Phase I Outdoor Burning Ban at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 6. Local fire danger is projected to increase dramatically over the weekend. Officials are imposing the ban in an effort to limit the most common cause of wildfires – outdoor burning – and urge the public to exercise extreme caution with all ignition sources.

Under a Phase I Outdoor Burning Ban, outdoor burning permits are temporarily suspended and no outdoor burning is allowed except for cooking fires in contained barbecue units and recreational fires. A “recreational” fire is defined as follows:

  • Built in a designated fire pit space
  • No larger than three feet in diameter
  • Containing seasoned firewood or charcoal briquettes only
  • Located in a space well clear of vegetation and at least 25 feet from buildings, fences, or anything that might burn
  • Attended at all times by an alert adult with immediate access to a shovel and a water source

Officials hope that the coming burn ban will limit potential incidents in Kitsap County. The ban will remain in place until significant and sustained rainfall improves conditions.

For more information on outdoor burning and local restrictions, contact your local fire agency:

  • Bainbridge Island Fire Department at 206.842.7686
  • Bremerton Fire Department at 360.473.5380
  • Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue at 360.447.3555
  • North Kitsap Fire & Rescue at 360.297.4888
  • Poulsbo Fire Department at 360.779.3997
  • South Kitsap Fire & Rescue at 360.871.2425