In Washington, almost a million people live in or near the forest, including many of us in Kitsap County. Are you prepared for wildfire?
May is Wildfire Awareness Month, and Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wants homeowners to work together to become better prepared for wildfires by reducing the risk on their property and in their neighborhood.
Each year, wildland fires consume homes in the wildland-urban interface – defined as areas where homes are built near or among lands prone to wildland fire. Studies show that as many as 80 percent of homes lost to wildland fire may have been saved if brush around the homes were cleared and defensible space created around structures. There is no better time than now to prepare and educate your family, friends and neighbors. Make sure everyone knows what to do to protect people and homes in case of fire.
  • Prepare around your home. If your home is built in or near the forest, follow these steps to protect your home from wildfire. When developing your home landscaping, try planting fire-resistant plants to help reduce your risk from wildfire.
  • Unite with your neighbors – start a Firewise Communities/USA® Recognition site.
  • Know the outdoor burning rules. DNR regulates outdoor burning on all forestlands where DNR provides wildfire protection.In many parts of Kitsap County, local fire districts manage outdoor burning in partnership with the Kitsap County Fire Marshal. Don’t burn outdoors until you know the rules on lands protected by DNR or by local fire districts.
  • Have a plan when it’s time to leave – Ready, Set, Go!
For more information on defensible space, check out how to prepare your home.
This article is pulled from Washington State Department of Natural Resources information.