Developed for our registered volunteer emergency workers and community members, the Catastrophic Event Playbook Field Guide offers a place to start after a disaster. By downloading the document (PDF) and having a printed copy at hand, you’ll be able to follow the guide and the structured “plays” within it when disaster strikes.

The plays are prioritized to help survivors establish and support life-sustaining services for those stranded in their micro-island (PDF). The plays are designed to fall into three general time periods:

  • Initial response, 72 hours
  • Sustained response, 3-7 days
  • Long-term response, 1-2 weeks

By following the field guide (PDF) and referring to the specific micro-island map (PDF) for resources and gaps, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of initiating a disaster response. Following the playbook also helps the Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management predict what efforts may be under way, where and what type of support to send.

This post updated 11/8/2022 to reflect changes to the micro-island map.

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