January 12, 2021 Meeting Minutes:  EMC Minutes 12 JAN 2021 (Elizabeth Klute)


Emergency Management Council (EMC)
Meeting Agenda – January 12, 2021
Start time: 12:00 pm
Chair: Mayor Erickson (Poulsbo)

  1. Call to Order – Mayor Erickson
  2. Comments of the Chair
  3. Selection of the Chair and Vice Chair for 2021
  4. Discussion Items
    a) Loss of EOC Logistics staff person
    b) 2020 Comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (CEMP)c) Status of Major EOC Operations
    i) Mitigation Strategies
    (1) Community Based Testing Site(s) (CTBS)
    (2) Non-Congregate Sheltering (NCS-PF/Pavilion)
    (3) Logistics Operating – Staging Move
    (4) UV Sanitation Units – FOG
    (5) EOC Vaccine Support

    ii) Large Grant funded Purchase Uses
    (1) Henry (Mobile Command Center)
    (2) Bremerton Staging/COVID EOC
    (a) Code compliance
    (b) Distribution and hazardous commodities
    (c) Expanded partnerships

    (3) UV Sanitation
    (4) 3D-Printing
    (5) Asset Inventory and Management
    (6) Access Control rollout
    (7) Plans (Non Con Sheltering Annex, Logistics Annex, Finance Annex)

  5. Good of the Order
  6. Adjournment

Mailed Items:
November 3, 2020 Council Minutes
Financials ending November 2020
Sustained EOC Operations Slide

See attached PDF for discussion details and support documents.