UPDATE: Kitsap County Emergency Management continues to monitor this tsunami advisory to the outer coast counties of Washington and is participating in hourly calls with State Emergency Management. (An advisory means “Stay away from shore.”) Locally, higher levels of tidal activity are anticipated after 10:30 a.m., which coincide with normal high tide. The effects are predicted to increase over the first 1-2 hours and last through the afternoon.
The expected effects are similar to a King Tide. The waves are not expected to be destructive. Do follow the guidance below and stay off of the beaches.
tsunami advisory

Stay out of the water and away from the shore. Tsunami advisory!

There is a tsunami advisory in place for the outer coast of Washington after an underwater volcano erupted. A wave of 1-3 is expected on the coast. STAY OFF THE BEACH. DO NOT VISIT. There may be multiple waves. Visit tsunami.gov for details and updates. There are no evacuations for the WA Coast.