Did you know that during a disaster, securing a water supply is your responsibility?

Things to consider:

  • An earthquake may break the water lines that supply your home and interrupt the sewage lines from your home to the treatment plant.
  • Damaged sewer lines may contaminate the water in the broken water lines.
  • An earthquake may damage the well casing & our ability to pump and/or store water in water tank.
  • Electric power for the well pumps may be interrupted.

Possible sources of water in your home:

  • Drinking water you have stored beforehand. This should be 1 gal/day/person = 30 gal/person for at least one month.
  • Washing water from hot-water tank & toilet tank. Water from these sources should be boiled for 1-3
    minutes before use.
  • Collected rain water.

Water purification methods:

  • Boiling water for one minute at sea level is the best method to kill bacteria, and viruses. Boiling does not remove lead, or other toxins.
  • If camping up to 6000 feet, boil for 3 minutes.
  • If you are unable to boil, then try a combination of water, filtering, and chemical treatments such as unscented bleach.

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