MGT-448 All Hazards Planning for Animal, Agricultural, and Food Related Disasters (Virtual)

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This 8-hour planning and management-level course is delivered in two 4-hour Zoom sessions and is designed to provide the background information needed to lead a multi-agency team of emergency planners in the development of an ESF annex for food and/or animal-related disasters to supplement their community’s existing EOP. The course will address topics such as agroterrorism; detection and diagnosis; the unique challenges that rural communities face in planning for and responding to food and/or animal-related disasters; utilization of Emergency Support Functions (ESF); recovery and the importance of sustainable operations during a disaster event; and mapping a community to identify areas of vulnerability and resources. All content will be presented at an all-day instructor-led training that will include presentations and problem-solving activities that will be worked on in small groups.  Register here

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