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Kitsap County joins regional “Ready, Set, Go!” evacuation messaging campaign

The threat of wildfire has increased across the nation, including in Western Washington. One important step in facing that threat is preparing to communicate quickly with residents and businesses if evacuation from a wildfire or another hazard is necessary. As wildfire season begins here in Washington, Kitsap County is joining forces with six other counties to highlight the regional “Ready, Set, Go!” evacuation campaign. The campaign outlines the three evacuation levels and provides straightforward messages [...]

Preparing for Winter Flooding

Super sand bags at Point no pointCostal flooding impacted a number of neighborhoods within Kitsap County in the final days of 2022 due to a combination of predicted “king tides” and unanticipated record level low atmospheric pressure. We will experience king tides again in late November and late December again this year. Kitsap County experienced a very different kind of flooding in December, 2007. A record level of rain over a 24-hour period. This caused normally quiet streams to have the impact of raging rivers ressulting in damage to roads, bridges and properties.

While the maximum height of the tides and excessive rain is beyond human control, property owners can take steps to prepare for the impact of flooding. The first step is to know your flood hazard. If you are in a FEMA designated flood plain, you have the opportunity to purchase flood insurance. Standard homeowners insurance does not cover loss caused by flooding. Next, take steps to protect yourself, your family, pets/livestock and your property. We cover the details on how to prepare for flooding on our dedicated Flooding page. Personal safety measures are paramount in a flood. Remember not to walk, wade or drive through flooded areas. Tragically, lives are lost each year when people ignore this important protective action. We may not be tested with significant flooding this winter, but we can be prepared just in case we are.

Take Winter by Storm

Take these simple steps to prepare for winter weather:

  1. Gather supplies. Create an emergency preparedness kit with at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food and water for your home and office. Kits prepared for vehicle road travel and winter weather evacuation go-kits are also advised.
  2. Make a plan. Practice the plan with your family and those who depend on you.
  3. Stay informed. Know the weather approaching so you are prepared for local conditions. Knowing winter weather hazards and where to find resources to prepare is vital to protecting your property and those you love.

Want to learn more? Find out about local weather and Kitsap County’s Severe Weather Shelters.

Holiday Closures

KCDEM will close on:

  • Veteran’s Day (observed), November 10
  • Thanksgiving Holiday, November 23-24

Receive Alerts!

The KitsapALERT is an emergency notification system that provides you with critical information if there is an immediate local hazard and threat that may impact you and your family. To register or update your information, click here. Sign-ups are free!

KCDEM needs your help. Volunteers play a vital role in preparing for, responding to and recovering from an emergency situation or natural disaster. Volunteer today!

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