The Thanksgiving holiday provides a wonderful opportunity to gather and celebrate with friends and family. Kitsap Public Health District has created a helpful list of tips on gathering safely whether you are staying close to home or traveling this holiday. Here are steps you can take to keep everyone healthy as you celebrate:

  1. Get your COVID-19 and flu shots. You can get both vaccines at the same time. Encourage family and friends to get their shots too. Listen to and respect their concerns.
  2. Talk before you gather. Talk to family and friends about saftey expectations.
  3. Smaller is safer. Keep indoor gatherings small, especially if not all participants are vaccinated. Avoid crowded events and remember to wear a mask in indoor public spaces.
  4. Outside is safest. If you can, bundle up and take your celebration outdoors. Fresh air and extra space help prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses.
  5. Stay home if you are sick. Keep your loved one healthy by not hosting or attending gatherings if you are feeling sick. If you develop COVID-19 symptoms after a gathering, get tested right away and notify the people you were with.

Find more tips here. Download the fact sheet below here.