Notification from the National Weather Service:

Rainfall amounts of 3-8 inches over the past 7 days has led to high soil moisture levels across western Washington. Additional rainfall amounts of 1-3 inches across the lowlands and 4-6 inches across the mountains is expected with the next system impacting the region through Friday. This will continue to put extra pressure on soil instability and lead to an increased threat of landslides.

Here are the four warning signs of a landslide:

  1. Tilting of trees, especial evergreens on slopes
  2. Formation of cracks in a yard, driveway, sidewalk or foundation
  3. Sudden difficulty opening or closing doors or windows
  4. Sagging utility lines and leaking or broken water pipes

For more information about current conditions, visit, select Hydrology, and then scroll down for the links to the landslide information pages.

For more information on landslides, visit the website for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources landslide geologic hazards at:

Landslide warning signs

Here are the warning signs of a landslide provided by the WA Dept. of Natural Resources