Emergency Management Council (EMC)
Meeting Agenda – April 6, 2021
Start time: 12:00 pm
Chair: Mayor Wheeler (Bremerton)


  1. Call to Order – Mayor Wheeler
  2. Comments of the Chair
  3. Discussion Items
    i) Planning
    1) Mass Fatality Plan
    2) Family Assistance Plan
    3) EOP Logistics Annex
    4) EOP Finance and Admin Annex

    ii) Training & Exercising
    1) Regional Catastrophic Planning Initiative
    2) Maritime Catastrophic Planning Project
    3) Cascadia Rising 2022
    4) Region 2 Annual Training and Exercise Planning

    iii) Grants
    1) 2021 SHSP – funding vs. National Priority Projects
    2) 2021 EMPG & 2020 EMPG-Supplement
    3) Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant

    iv) EOC Operations
    1) Status of field operations
    a) Testing
    b) Quarantine/Isolation
    c) Severe Weather Sheltering
    d) UV Sanitation
    e) Staging & Logistics

    2) Vaccination Support Operations

    3) Sustained EOC Funding & Staffing
    a) Dislocated Worker Program (Extra Help)
    b) KPHD CARES Act reallocation
    c) State DOH Vaccination IMO Support
    d) Public Assistance Reimbursement
    e) America Rescue Plan Act

  4. Good of the Order
  5. Adjournment

Mailed Items:
Meeting Minutes January 12, 2021
Meeting Minutes February 2, 2021
Department Financials

See attached PDF for meeting details and support documents.