Doug Blangsted stands with one of four UV Light systems in use by the county.

Pilgrim Firs has been the primary quarantine and isolation site for residents in Kitsap County from the beginning of the pandemic. People who have been exposed to COVID-19 and need a place to stay while they are being evaluated are referred here until their status changes.

Volunteers and professional cleaning crews use rigorous protocols to clean rooms and interact with residents. Now, the people who work at Pilgrim Firs will have access to a UV Light system to further disinfect rooms after people have been discharged as well as reduce incidental exposure to disease.

“COVID-19 and other viruses are easily killed with exposure to UV light.” says Doug Blangsted, UV Unit Task Force Leader. “This portable system will become one of the tools we use to make certain Pilgrim Firs is a safe place for people to stay and work.”

“We can also use the UV light to disinfect personal protective equipment and other equipment that is high-touch and needs to be reused. The system only takes a few minutes to zap the bugs, and we’re back in business.”

UV Light systems were purchased on behalf of Kitsap County with CARES Act funding last year. Look for UV Lights to be used in other settings in the near future.