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Kitsap County joins regional “Ready, Set, Go!” evacuation messaging campaign

The threat of wildfire has increased across the nation, including in Western Washington. One important step in facing that threat is preparing to communicate quickly with residents and businesses if evacuation from a wildfire or another hazard is necessary. As wildfire season begins here in Washington, Kitsap County is joining forces with six other counties to highlight the regional “Ready, Set, Go!” evacuation campaign. The campaign outlines the three evacuation [...]

  • Flood Warning versus Flood Watch
  • Spanish Flood Warning versus Flood Watch

As a peninsula without a river, flooding in Kitsap County is most commonly triggered by King Tides and winter storm conditions. Neighboring counties, however, often experience river flooding in the early spring with a combination of heavy rains and melting mountain snow. It’s important to remember that flooding is the most common disaster for Washington state, and to know how to stay safe when flooding impacts our region. Remember never to drive into a flooded area as it may be deeper than it appears and 12 inches of fast moving water can carry away a small car.

  • Flood Safety terms: Watch=floods are possible. Warnings= will occur soon, move to higher ground.
  • Floods are the most common natural disaster in the U.S. Sign-up for local alerts & warnings now before a flood impacts you.
  • Timely info on weather conditions like a flood can make a big difference. Sign up for local alerts & warnings.
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts on your cell phone can warn you about flash flooding. Take action if you receive an alert.
  • Learn more about the threat of floods in Kitsap County.

It’s Not Luck!

  • Let your go kit be your lucky charm. Make a go bag today.
  • During an extended power outage, ATMs and credit card machines may not work. Don’t rely on luck. Include cash in your emergency supply kit.
  • Learn how to shut off the utilities at home, including water, electricity, and gas.
  • Remember your pets in your plans!

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Be Alert!

Kitsap ALERT is an emergency notification system that helps you stay informed about the local hazards and threats that may impact you and your family. To register or update your information, click here. Sign ups are free!

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KCDEM needs your help. Volunteers play a vital role in preparing for, responding to and recovering from an emergency situation or natural disaster. Volunteer today!

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The Kitsap County LEPC (Local Emergency Preparedness Committee) will be hosting the County Emergency Preparedness Assessment (CEPA) in lieu of our regular LEPC meeting on Thursday [...]